“Life Is All About Connecting Your Imagination With Reality . The More You Connect The More You Grow . Try To Connect Your Self With Each & Every Things Around You . This Will Lead You Towards More Knowledge & Make You A Good Learner . This Habit Of Connecting Will Help You To Get The Answers Of Your Questions & You Will Easily Understand How Nature Works Around You .”

Hello Everyone, A Very Warm Welcome To All Of You At “About Me” Page Of “Fanatic Science”, I Am Fanatic About Science , Especially Physics & Astronomy . Fanatic Science Is Not Just About Knowledge , But It Also Lead Us Toward’s The World Of Imagination , Which Is As Important As Our Knowledge . Every Thing Which We See Around Us Was First  An Imagination , From Sub-Marine To Space Shuttle , From Cart To Airplanes , Every Thing Was Just An Imagination . Then This Imagination Was Converted In To Reality By Power Of Human Brain . One Thing Which We Should Always Continue In Our Life Is Imagining . Because Human Mind Is So Powerful That It Can Convert All Your Imagination’s In To Reality . So Never Stop Imagining And Connecting That Imagination With Our Practical Life .

Knowledge Is Scattered Every Where Around A Person . It’s Just A Person’s Aspect That How Much They Want To Gain From It . Information Is Just Not Limited To The Books But It Is Available In Each And Every Direction & Corner Of Our Universe Or Might Be Multiverse . As All The Prediction Breaks Down On Reaching Singularity Of Black Holes . Similarly , In This Fabric Of Space-Time , The Laws Which Are So Precise For Our Calculation Do Not Validate If An Object Travels Closer To Speed Of Light . This Shows That Nothing Is Absolute , Even Our Predictions & Visualisations Are Based On Our Thoughts & Thinking .

Always Remember That , “Books Or Teachers Cannot Always Teach Us Every Thing . It Should Be Up To Us , That How We Can Figure Out Our Problems & Get Up To A Solution .” The Question Still Remains That “How To Figure Out Our Problems ?” In A Very Simple Manner If You Want To Figure Out Your Problem’s , Then Just Be Practical In Your Life. Your Imagination Will Power Up Your Brain & Your Practical Experience Will Give Confidence To Your Brain To Convert That Imagination Into Reality .

Fanatic Science Provide You Knowledge About Science , You Can Browse Through The Categories To Get Information & Knowledge On Different Aspects Of Science . If You Have Something To Share Or Some Imagination In Your Mind Then , Fanatic Science Provide You The Opportunity To Post Your Imaginations Or Researches . Just Browse To The Think Big Page Of Fanatic Science , Fill Up The Required Field & Create Your Own Post In The Way You Want .

Fanatic Science Will Be Coming Up With More New Ideas & Imagination . It Will Continue To Provide Information & Knowledge In Every Aspect . If You Want To Discuss Or Want Information On Any Topic Of Science Then You Can Visit Discussion Board Of Fanatic Science Where You Can Upload Your Details  & Topic On Which Discussion & Information Is Required .

Thank You For Your Precious Time . I Wish All Of You A Very Happy , Bright & Successful Future .


Warm Regards




Steps Toward's Beginning

One Of The Major Thing Which I Have Seen In My Life Is That , A Lot Of Children’s Around World Are Not Able To Pursue Their Education Because Of Money . Without Studies , It Is Very Difficult For A Child To Grow Up In A Culture Where He/She Can Show Their Power Of Brain . Knowledge Make’s Things Easy As Well As Makes Human Brain More Efficient . First Of All I Want To Separate Education From Money . Education Is The “Right Of Every Child” Around The World . A Child’s Future Should Not Be Compromised With Money . Now A Day’s Parents Have To Work More & More Hard , So That They Can Gather Fees For Schooling & Educating Their Child . But Still Their Are Some Parents Who Can Not Earn Enough Money To Give Their Children Good Education . Thus , Money Should Not Decide Future Of A Child . Education Should Be Given To Each & Every Child Not On The Basis Of Money But On The Basis Of Their Happiness & Successful Career . Fanatic Science Has Already Taken Up Step To Spread Knowledge Of Science With No Cost & It Will Continue To Spread Knowledge As Much As Possible . I Request All Of You To Raise Your Helping Hands Towards Educating Children’s.