Building Blocks Of Nature

Building Blocks Of Nature, Contains Knowledge About Elementary Particles & Their Basic Properties, Such As Electric Charge & Mass Etc. This Also Shows That How “Quantum World” Differs From Our “Physical World” In Every Aspect. You Can Browse Through Pages Of Your Interest & Get Information About Nature & Laws On Which Sub-Atomic Particles Work.

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What Are Building Blocks Of Nature ?, Generalisation Of Particles.

Flavours Of Quarks, Importance Of Quarks, Colour Of Quarks.

Angular Momentum Of Quark, Spin Quantum Number, Visualisation Of Spin Of Quark.

Electric Charge On Quarks, Mathematical Analysis, Charge On Neutron, Charge On Proton.

Introduction To Mass, E = MC²,  Mass Of Quarks, Current Quarks Mass, Constituent Quarks Mass.

Colour Charge Of Quarks, Understanding Combination Of Colour Charge, Field Lines Of Quarks, Coupling Constant.

Key Researchers of Quarks


Sir Murray Gell - Mann

Born on 15 / Sep / 1929 is an American Physicist. He introduced The Quarks - Constituent Of All Hadrons.

Sir George Zweig

Born On 30 / May / 1937 Is A Russian-American Physicist. He Introduced The Quark Model

Sir Satyendra Nath Bose

1 / Jan / 1894 - 4 / Feb / 1974 Was An Indian Physicist. He Provided Bose-Einstein Statistics & The Theory Of Bose-Einstein Condensate.

Sir Peter Higgs

Born On 29 / May / 1929 Is A British Physicist. In Higgs- Mechanism He Explains The Origin Of Mass In Elementary Particles. Predicts Existence On New Particle The “Higgs-Boson”. Which Is Now A Reality.