Tribute To The “Missile Men”

Fanatic Science Give’s Tribute To The “Missile Man” Of “India”, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam ( Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ), For His Outstanding Humble & Polite Nature, With Pioneering Researches. You Always Have A Special Place In Our Heart. Thank You Dr. Kalam.

-Yashpal Kashyap-

Sir Albert Einstein

14/03/1879 - 18/04/1955

Sir Einstein, Great Man With Unleashed Imagination Power. He Provide “Theory Of Relativity”, With The Most Amazing Equilibrium Formula E = MC². Sir Einstein Was Honoured By Nobel Price In The Year Of 1921, For The Discovery Of Law Of “Photoelectric Effect”, A Giant Step Towards “Quantum Theory” & Pioneering Work On Theoretical Physics .

Sir Issac Newton

04/01/1643 - 31/03/1727

Sir Issac Newton Was Outstanding Mathematician, Astronomer & Physicist Of His Days. His Work Still Appreciated All Around The World. His Work Come To A Conclusion With Newton Laws Of Motion & Universal Gravitational Law. Sir Newton Was First To Observe & Predicted That The Shape Of Our Earth Is “Oblate Spheroid”. 

Sir Thomas Edision

11/02/1847 - 18/10/1931

Sir Thomas Alva Edision, Was A Great Inventor & A Businessman Of His Time. He Invented Many Devices. One Of His Famous Invention Was Practical “Electric Light Bulb”. He Created The First  Industrial Research Laboratory. He Also Invented “Phonograph”, Motion Picture Camera & Much More.

Great Human’s Of All Time

The Pioneering Work Of These & Many More Scientists, Have Made Our Life More Comfortable & Easier. Science & Technology Is Now The Major Part Of Our Life. Thanks To All The Scientist’s, Physicist’s, Astronaut’s, Cosmonauts & All Other Humans Working Behind The Screen For Making Out Life Easy & Sustainable.

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