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Welcome To Fanatic ScienceFanatic Science Is All About Science & Imagination, Each & Every Discovery Was First An Imagination Of Human Brain, Which Indeed Worked Out To Reality & Allow The Human Race To Step On Moon.

Our Own Existence In This Universe Is Itself Very Complicated, The Elements Present In Our Body Obeys The Laws Of Quantum Physics. On The Other Hand, Human Brain Have Limitless Imagination Power Leading Us To A Multiverse.

Fanatic Science Contain Deeper & Vivid Knowledge Of Science, Starting From Basic To The Quantum Physics. Viewing Our Earth, Planets, Stars, Space, Universe With A Different Aspect Of Knowledge.

Before Starting Our Journey, Fanatic Science Have A Humble Request To Each And Every Visitors, Viewers, Readers & Every Person Who Is The Part Of This “Beautiful Universe”, To “GO GREEN & RAISE YOUR HELPING HANDS TOWARDS PLANTING MORE & MORE TREES.” Keep Your Surroundings & Outfit Clean. Do All The Possible Things Which We Can Do In Our Daily Routine.

“Mother Earth” Has Given Us Every Possible Thing Including Renewable & Non – Renewable Sources, To Make Human Life More ComfortableSustainable At Every Stage. Now It’s Time For Us To Do Something Good For Our Beautiful Planet “Mother Earth”. So Raise Your Hands To GO GREEN” & Help Our ”PLANET EARTH”. Spread This Message For Our Better Future“GREEN EARTH”.

Let’s Begin Our Journey Toward’s The “Brighter Side Of Knowledge” & Taking Our Thinking Beyond Limits.