Time Travelling

What do we understand by term Time Travelling ?…. We can say that Time Travelling means, Travelling a relative distance in a short period of Time. It can be done by any means like, Teleportation or by Time Machine . Time Travelling is one of the important and fascinating aspects of physics which is full of imagination and a theory which challenges the capability of human brain. From early ages humans are interested in Time Travelling. Many Physicist & Astronomers paid there special attention towards Time Travelling. History also shows that lots of experiments were carried out to make Travelling In Time possible, But the concept of Time Travelling is so complicated and beyond the laws of physics, Unfortunately none of the experiments were successful till date. Physicists suggest that Travelling In Time is really possible which has also attracted the attention for the writers of Science Fiction . One can think that if the concept and imagination of Time Travelling becomes reality in future then the human race will not be anymore confined to the normal laws of physics, But Time Travelling will have its own laws to which human race will be confined .


In this section of Time Travelling, I will be discussing about another concept of Travelling In Time. So, Lets begin with a simple formula of Speed, Which shows that, Speed = Distance / Time. In other words we can say that, Time = Distance / Speed. So, What do we really get with this formula ?…. We got a very important equation which shows that the Time, Distance, Speed all three are interrelated to each other. As per formula,

“If the Speed of an object increases, The Time taken by an object to travel a Relative Distance will decrease ( At Constant Distance ).”

This shows that, Travelling with a very high Speed is one more way of Time Travelling.

Let us begin our journey, Suppose we are in the 16th Century , The century in which world wide oceanic route started by Spain & Portugal . The major trans oceanic journey in 16th Century were only carried out by Ships . Let us consider that we are in 16th Century and now we have to go from India to United States Of America ( something about 13, 590 Km Approx ). Ships in 16th Century travels at fairly slower speeds. So they take around 365 Days or 1 Year Approximate to travel this distance.


Now, Suppose that we are in the 17th Century , The Technology in the 17th Century is more advance as compared to 16th Century. Now we have Ships whose speeds are comparatively higher. As the Ships of 17th Century travels at much higher speeds, The distance from India to United States ( 13,590 Km ) can be travelled in only 6 Months or in other words the distance from India to United States become 6 Months.


Suppose, We are now in 18th Century , In which the Philosophy &Science increased at good rate. Now we have Ships whose speed are comparatively much more higher than to 16th and 17th Century respectively. Now the time taken by the Ships of 18th Century to travel the distance between India and United States ( 13,590 Km ) will be around 3 Months.


As we move into the next century, 19th Century, This century started the real revolution in Science & Technology. Many basic ideas and imaginations of Modern Technology were making home in human brain. More advance Propulsion System were developed in the Ships in 19th Century. Now the distance from India to United States ( 13,590 Km ), Can be covered in between 1 to 2 Months. Amazingly fast as compared to the time taken by the Ships of 16th, 17th and 18th Century.



                                THE OCEANIC

Coming on to the Age Of Modern Technology, The Age Of Aeroplane, 20th Century. The age in which human brain imaginations and ideas were converted into reality. On 17 Dec 1903, Humans Spread There Wings Into The Skies, Sir Wilbur Wright & Sir Orville Wright made first ever Powered Aircraft Flight At Kitty Hawk, North Carolina”. In the starting of Aeroplane Age the Aircraft travels at relatively slower speeds. Thus, Travelling from India to United States ( 13,590 Km) will take around 5 to 6 Days of journey.


Later in the 20th century, the invention of Jet Engines gives the Jet Blast to the Aviation Sector. Jet Engines are one of the beautiful example of how the portion of simple air when mixed with the fuel, Can takes us at the Speeds Faster Than Speed Of  Sound. i.e. Supersonic Speeds measured in unit Mach. So the Aircraft with the Jet Engines, Travelling from India to United States ( 13,590 Km ) will take around 36 Hours to reach this distance. If we take a Direct Flight From India to United States (13,590 Km). The Direct Flight will take around 16 to 18 Hours. That’s really fast.


Now, Lets move on to the more Advance Technology, Crossing the limits of Earth’s Atmosphere & moving into the Space, TheInternational Space Station”, Is placed into the Orbit around Earth, At an Altitude between 330 Km to 435 Km above the Surface Of Earth. Revolving around the Earth at an Speed of 27,580 Km / Hr or 7.66 Km / Sec. This means that International Space Station travels 7.66 Km in just 1 Second. Using the Speed formula mentioned in the starting of this post, Speed = Distance / Time.  To calculate Time Taken we have the formula, i.e.,  Time = Distance / Speed. So the Time Taken by International Space Station to travel the Distance between India and United States Of America ( 13,590 Km ) , Will be equal to

Time = Distance / Speed

Time = 13,590 / 27,580

Time = 0.492748368382886 Hour

To Convert Hours In to Minutes, We Multiply Above Equation By 60

Time = 0.492748368382886 × 60

Time = 29.56490210297316 Minutes

Rounding Off The Above Figure

Time = 30 Minutes ( Approx ).

By the above calculus, The International Space Station will take Approximate 30 Minutes to travel the Distance between India &  United States Of America ( 13,590 Km ) .

Date Back to 16th Century, The Time taken by the Ship to travel  the distance between India & United States Of America (13,590) was around 365 Days Or 8,760 Hours. Now with the Advancing Technology, The Time of travelling the distance from India to United States Of America ( 13,590 Km ), Has been reduced to only Half An Hour or 30 Minutes.

So may be in our Future from now, The Technology will be so amazingly Advanced that, The Time of 30 Minutes〈 Which is taken by International Space Station to travel From India to United States Of America, ( 13,590 Km ) 〉will reduce to only 3 Minutes & this 3 Minutes will reduce to 3 Seconds & this 3 Seconds will reduce to 0.3 Seconds. Thus, We can imagine that if we really travels the distance between India and United States Of America ( 13,590 Km ) in 0.3 Seconds, That will also be considered as the Real Time Travelling “.