Travelling At Speed Of Light…..Is It Really Possible ?



In the history of Modern Science light is considered as the fastest electromagnetic radiation or the fastest thing in this universe. Nothing can travel faster then light. Light speed vary with the medium it passing through. The speed of light in vacuum is  1,86,282 miles per second. That’s really fast. As compared to our modern technology of travelling we are far behind the digits which speed of light is carrying.


Coming on to our question, ” Is It Really Possible To Travel At The Speed Of Light ? “.

This is very well explained by the God Of Modern Physics Sir Albert Einstein” (14 / March / 1879 – 18 / April/ 1955 ) . The thinking capabilities of sir Albert Einstein was auspicious. He presented this World, Universe, Space, Time with a very different manner and changed the vision of Physicist to view this Universe with a different perception. He presented modern science with the “ Theory Of Relativity ” , which has two interrelated theories, Those are ” General Theory Of Relativity “ & ” Special Theory Of Relativity “. His work was appreciated all over the world and he was honoured with the Nobel Prize in the year 1921 in physics for his discovery of the Law Of The ” Photoelectric Effect “.


Prof. Albert Einstein uses the blackboard as he delivers the 11th Josiah Willard Gibbs lecture at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the auditorium of the Carnegie Institue of Technology Little Theater at Pittsburgh, Pa. , on Dec. 28, 1934. Using three symbols, for matter , energy & the speed of light respectively, Sir Einstein offers additional proof of a theorem propounded by him in 1905 that matter & energy Are The same thing In different forms”. 


The answer to our question lies in sir Einstein Theory Of Relativity and the world’s most famous and important equation , i.e. ” Equilibrium Of Energy – Mass “ also called as



“ E  = MCˆ2 ”


Where , E = Energy

     M = Mass

          C = Speed Of Light


Talking about the above equation, The Energy of a body is equal to its Mass Times The Speed Of Light Squared . This means that the Energy , Mass & The Speed Of Light are some how interrelated to each other , If any of these values are changed then this change will also have some of its effect on other values .


Now suppose there is a object of Mass M in motion, Due to its motion the object would posses some Energy E and this Energy & Mass will be interrelated to each other . If the Mass of the object is increased, Then to maintain the object in motion we have to increase the Energy of the object. Similarly, If we increase the Energy of the object in motion, Then the Mass of the object will also be increased ( Equilibrium Of Energy – Mass ) . In other words we can say that , Because of Equilibrium Of Mass – Energy , The Energy which an object have due to it’s motion will be added to it’s Mass. This effect is only significant to the object travelling close to Speed Of Light .


We can say that, In order to increase the Speed of object in motion we have to give more and more Energy . As we increase the Energy of the object the Mass of the object will automatically increase because of E = MC∧. At 10 % Speed Of Light the object Mass is only 0.5 % more than normal . As object approaches the Speed Of Light , It’s Mass rises even more quickly . Thus , It takes more and more Energy to Speed Up the object due similar reason , i.e. E = MC ² . Finally, A point will come where the Mass of the object will become Infinite ∞ . Thus, To move an object of Infinite Mass , Infinite Energy will be required . Currently there is no medium in this Universe from where we can get Infinite ∞ amount of Energy to move an object of Infinite Mass .


Now , We have the answer to our question , That travelling at an Speed Of Light is not possible at current situation. Normal objects are confined by Relativity to move at Speeds slower than the Speed Of Light . Only Light or other Waves that have no Intrinsic Mass of it’s own can move at the ” Speed Of Light. But , our Earth , Solar System , Space , Universe are just full of Infinite Possibilities . One might get any other successful idea to travel at Speed Of Light” , Because there is nothing know as impossible in the modern science .