Introduction To The Building Blocks Of Nature


Welcome to Building Blocks Of Nature”. Nature is so beautiful that everyone wants to be a part of it. Nature has given us the unlimited sources to live and sustain life on this Mother Planet Earth. So, Lets begin our Journey To Building Blocks Of Nature.


Universe ! The place where Trillions & Trillions of Galaxies Exists in the Observable Universe ( Still the hunt for Galaxies going on ). In which our beautiful Galaxy  “The Milky Way” Exists. In Milky Way Galaxy our Solar System Exists. In this Solar System our “Mother Planet Earth” revolves around or “Sun” . The Planet “Earth” is Home to us and Millions of species.


                                             A Part Of Observable Universe


But there are lots of unsolved questions of our Existence like, Which is the Basic Elementary Particle Of Our Universe ? From Where The Life Begins Or The Starting Point Of Life ? Does This Universe Had A Beginning ? If Yes, Then Surely It Will Have An End. How Our Universe Will End ? Can Time Run’s In Backward Direction ? Why We Remember Only Our Past But Not Our Future ? & Many More. These are some of the questions which are unsolved from Centuries, But now our Modern Science & understanding of Theories which are given by some great Physicists & Scientists like, Sir “Albert Einstein”, Sir “Issac Newton” & many more great Scientists. With the help of the these Theories & Practicals which are carried out by our great Scientists, We are reaching to a phase of understanding these unsolved “Mysteries” of our beautiful Universe.


In the early phases of developing of Science, Sir “Aristotle” believed that, Matter was made up of Four Basic Elements those are, “Earth, Air, Fire & Water”. There are Two Forces which acts upon these Elements those are, “Gravity” : Which acts on Earth & Water, Making them to Sink. The Second Force which acts upon these Elements are “Levity” : Which acts on Air & Fire, Making them to Rise. This work of sir Aristotle, For division of Contents of the Universe into Matter & Forces are still used today.


Sir Aristotle believed that, The Matter was “Continuous” i.e. A piece of Matter could be divided into smaller & smaller bits without any limits. We cannot come to Grain of Matter that could not be further divided. But in 1803, Sir “John Dalton”, A British Chemist & Physicist pointed out that chemical compounds always combined in a certain proportions could be explained by grouping together of “Atoms” to form units called “Molecules”In 1905, In a paper written by sir “Albert Einstein”, Sir “Einstein” pointed out thatThe Irregular, Random Motion Of Small Particles Of Dust Suspended In A Liquid, Which Is Known As Brownian Motion, Could Be The Effect Of Atoms Of Liquid Colliding With Dust Particles” Till this time it was already thought that the Atoms were not “Indivisible”. Several years before, Sir “J.J. Thomson” had showed the existence of particle of Matter called “Electron”, Which had a Mass One Thousandth Times less than that of Lightest “Atom”. In 1911, The British Physicist Sir “Ernest Rutherford”, Finally showed that the Atoms have Internal Structures, As they made up of Positively Charged Nucleus around which number of Electrons Orbit.


In 1932, Sir “James Chadwick” discovered that, The “Nucleus” of an Atom also contained another particle, Known as “Neutrons”, Which had the same Mass as a “Protron”, But no Electric Charge on it. Sir James Chadwick was honoured with Noble Prize for his work.


Upto 30 years to 35 years ago, Protons & Neutrons were thought to be the “Elementary Particles” or “The Basic Building Blocks Of Nature”. Then experiments in “Particle Accelerator” were carried out. In Particle Accelerators, Protons were collided with other Protons or, Electrons were collided with other Electrons at Very High Speed’s. The results were astonishing, The experiments in Particle Accelerators showed that, The Protons & Electrons were made of even much smaller particles, Known as “QUARK” . This shows that, Still modern science is on its way to search for “The Basic Building Blocks Of Nature”.


View of the CMS detector in the surface hall at Cessy.


But for the time being, Scientists have consider “Quarks” as the “Elementary Particle” or “God Particle” or “The Basic Building Blocks Of Nature”. In this portion of my work we will be learning something about “Quarks” & It’s behaviour with it’s Properties. The content of this portion are as follows :


1. All About Quarks.

  2. Spin Of A Quark.

         3. Electric Field Of A Quark.

   4. Mass Of A Quark.

 5. Colour Of A Quark.