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Welcome To Fanatic Science , Fanatic Science Is All About Science & Imagination , Each & Every Discovery Was First An Imagination Of Human Brain , Which Indeed Worked Out To Reality & Allow The Human Race To Step On Moon.

Image & Video Credit : NASA

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“ Power Of Imagination Is Endless . This Imagination Makes Your Brain Sharper In The Way You Want . Practical Experiences In Your Life Make Your Brain More Attentive In Your Present . The World Which Your Are Viewing Around You Is Just The Perspective Of Information Which Is Fed To Your Brain ”.

 – Yashpal Kashyap


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Hello Everyone, A Very Warm Welcome To All Of You At “Fanatic Science”, I Am Extremely Fanatic About Science , Especially Physics & Astronomy . Fanatic Science Is Not Just About Knowledge , But It Also Lead Us Toward’s The World Of Imagination , Which Is As Important As Our Knowledge . Information Is Just Not Limited To The Books In Fact It Is Available In Each & Every Direction & Corner Of Our Universe Or Might Be Multiverse.


With All Respect, Fanatic Science Is Dedicated To My Parents & All My Family Members. I Thanks All Of Them For Their Strong & Kind Support In My Life. Thank You.

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Coming Soon Page Of Fanatic Science Show’s Topics Or Pages On Which We Are Currently Working. This Page Is Also Equipped With The Progress Bar. You Can See The Progress Of Completion Of Each & Every Topic Respectively.

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